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Procurement company in Belfast Northern Ireland

Procurement company in Belfast Northern Ireland

EBL Global Ltd

EBL Global
Are you a business owner or manager struggling to maintain healthy profits due to the rising cost of goods?

Maybe you’ve thought about sourcing from China – where you will pay less enabling you to increase your bottom line.

At EBL Global, we specialise in helping businesses source products and materials direct from approved manufacturers in China ensuring our clients get the best possible value for money.
From our offices in China, our team of English-speaking product sourcing specialists act on your behalf as your buyer, negotiator and quality controller. Their job is to make sure you get the right products, at the right price, and at the right time.
From our satellite offices covering 24 countries and several languages, we liaise closely with you to give you the help and support you need to source products and materials directly from China.
We are passionate about the work we do with for our clients and the service we provide to enable them to reduce costs, grow profits and compete more effectively.
To ensure your business remains competitive request a FREE no obligation
quotation for products or materials from China NOW!